Wood Countertop Design

Strong, Durable, and Attractive Wood Countertops in Sandy Ridge, NC

Are you searching for new wood countertops for your home? J Thompson Tops can refurbish your old, dull counters and give it a whole new look; our unmatched craftsmanship and woodworking skills will amaze you as we create a custom wood countertop just for you!

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Why Choose J. Thompson Tops?

J Thompson Tops started with chopping blocks, cutting boards, and kitchen carts, with all our initial products being designed specifically for kitchen spaces. When other companies began to follow in our footsteps, we launched our custom wood countertop designs.

We make every custom wood countertop suited to your unique taste; our process does not utilize slabs or blanks, but rather the best kiln-dried hardwoods available. J Thompson Tops is the only company in the Sandy Ridge, NC area which offers a wide range of 14 different wood species. Our custom-made designs for wood countertops add a sense of luxury and warmth to your kitchen, bathroom, living room, and other living spaces.

Custom wood countertops help preserve the natural character and beauty of the wood and convey a sense of refinement. Wood countertops can create a space and statement of strength and trust, or they may be a fantastic addition to the overall design. Contact us now and request a free quote!


What Products Do We Offer?

At J Thompson Tops, we make sure to turn your dream design into a flourished woodwork with the exact specifications mentioned by the customer, whether that means using the highest-quality maple and red oak, or other wood type selections. We design several customs wood countertops exceptionally, including:

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Kitchen Countertops

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Bar Tops

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Island Tops

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Vanity tops

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Dining room tabletops

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Personalized stair treads

And More!

Our custom wood countertops are best-selling because we help achieve our customers' dreams by understanding your requirements and turning them into a glorious reality in the form of aesthetic wood countertops.

We are proud to offer three different construction styles: face edge grain, grain, and end grain wood. Everything from the kind of wood to the size, grain, edge treatment, finishes, and more is up to you. With our help, you’ll be all set with a new one-of-a-kind tabletop.

Learn More About Us

J Thompson Tops is here to bring your tabletop dream to life with our exceptional woodworking and skilled staff. Learn more about our personalized wood countertops, contact us now to discuss your ideas.

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We make it easy to order your bespoke wood countertop. We’ll get the details we need from you before offering a quote you can use to move forward. Get started today. 

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If you’re ready to give us the green light, all we need is an email, a signature, and a 50% deposit. We’ll get to work crafting your one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Learn more.

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We use only the finest kiln-dried lumber over a three-week period to create gorgeous results for you. Once your countertop is finished, we’ll ship it to you. Learn more today.