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For nearly four decades, J. Thompson Tops has created beautiful, one-of-a-kind custom wood countertops for homeowners around the country. Together, we’ve helped our valued customers achieve their home’s dream centerpiece, taking their ideas and making them a tangible reality. Based out of North Carolina, we only use exceptional kiln-dried wood — both domestic and from around the world — worked with unmatched craftsmanship to meet your exact specifications and design. Learn more about our custom wood countertop design process and contact us today to discuss your vision and receive a free quote!

1 1/2"+ Face Grain Island Top with Undermount Sink and Mineral Oil and Beeswax Finish

Why Choose J. Thompson Tops?

  • 35+ Years Experience
  • Unmatched Craftsmanship
  • Exceptional Kiln-Dried Wood
  • Fully Custom Design Process
  • 14 Different Wood Species

Why Choose Custom Wood Countertops?

Custom wood countertops create a warm feel and sense of luxury for any space, a striking custom centerpiece in your kitchen, bathroom, or other space. Our woodworkers have more than 100 years of combined experience and a proven record of creating beautiful countertops and island tops with unmatched craftsmanship. You choose everything from the type of wood to the size, grain, edge treatment, finishes, and more. Simply put — your custom wood countertops will be the only ones of their exact kind in the entire world.

Custom Wood Kitchen Countertops

Custom wood countertops are the perfect complement to your home’s kitchen. Custom wood kitchen countertops create a warm aesthetic and a sense of luxury to arguably the most used and important space in your entire house. They can also be safely used around stoves and sinks.

You decide every detail in the design of your custom countertops from the wood species to the edge treatment and more. Using the finest kiln-dried lumber, we build your countertops over a three-week period and ship them to you once they’re finished.

1 1/2" Face Grain Countertop with Butt Joint Attachment, Mineral Oil and Beeswax Finiah, and Farmhouse Sink.

Custom Wood Island Tops

Whether they’re used as a standalone element or fit with the rest of your countertops, custom wood island tops are a timeless and eye-catching centerpiece for any kitchen. Wood island tops provide a functional and warm work area in the kitchen, while also serving as an amazing sitting area.

Custom wood island tops can be solid wood or feature sinks or stoves depending on your needs and preferences. With more than 14 different wood species and a variety of grains, your options are nearly limitless to create a custom wood island top unique to your home.

Custom Wood Bathroom Countertops

Custom wood bathroom countertops are an extremely popular touch for luxury design in homes around the country. The warm tones of the wood stand out nicely in contrast to light floors and cabinets, adding just a touch of nature to the space.

And because you have so many wood types and finishes to choose from, you can bring out the best of your bathroom’s aesthetic or use the wood to inspire the interior design throughout the rest of the bathroom.

Sapele Mahogany
Unfinished 2 1/2" Edge Grain Island with #10 Large Ogee Edge Treatment

Custom Wood Vanity Tops

Add a touch of luxury and unique style to powder rooms or smaller bathrooms throughout your house with custom wood vanity tops. Our vanity tops are safe from water, salts, and soaps so they stand the test of time and repeated use.

Your custom wood vanity tops can match your cabinetry or be used to stand out and add a subtle sense of style to a small space. In either case, let your creativity and design style flow.

Custom Wood Desktops

The classic look of natural wood isn’t reserved just for the kitchen or bathrooms in your home. Custom wood desktops are a fantastic way to level up your study, office, or other space with luxury and sophistication.

Custom wood desktops can be made to keep the wood’s natural character and beauty or take on a more finished look depending on your style and preference. Wood desktops can command a room and make a statement of power and confidence or fit nicely with the overall design as a great complementary piece.



We make it easy to order your bespoke wood countertop. We’ll get the details we need from you before offering a quote you can use to move forward. Get started today. 

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If you’re ready to give us the green light, all we need is an email, a signature, and a 50% deposit. We’ll get to work crafting your one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Learn more.

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We use only the finest kiln-dried lumber over a three-week period to create gorgeous results for you. Once your countertop is finished, we’ll ship it to you. Learn more today.

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Proudly made right here in the United States, J. Thompson Tops offers the finest custom woodworking in the country. We work with you to create a statement centerpiece that you won’t find in any other home in the world. Our custom wood countertops are built and shipped to you, where you or your builder can have them easily installed. Add a stunning element to your home’s kitchen, bathroom, or beyond, and contact us today for a free quote!